painted with light specialises in lifestyle portraits. Our sessions include every day activities like playing in the mud; enjoying your holidays; checking the mailbox; playing rock, paper, scissors and anything else that your family does together. We capture your life and family as it is right now.

The images below will lead you into a collection of images. Each one is a different session we have captured and shows you all the images we created for that family. Lanne, our photographer, has included a note about the story behind the photo, on many of the images. We would love to hear about your family and create a collection of images for you.
“this session was supposed to capture their saturday antipasti lunch and life on a saturday afternoon. we took the fun up a notch and included a family pillow fight on the trampoline. oh. so. much. fun.”
Antipasti and Pillow Fights
“this was an easy session. beautiful sandy beach, glorious weather, super adorable children, relaxed parents, seashells. what more could you want?
Sand, Castles and Surfboards
“this session was shot at their beautiful property. we included all of their much loved animals including lots of chickens, horses, kittens, dogs and a bird.. and their gorgeous human family too.”
Hill Farm
“let there be light – our gallery event for 2010. we showed a collection of some of our favourite images from the last 6 years at graydon gallery in brisbane. our past clients and friends came to see how work and enjoy in a candy bar. these are a selection of the images we displayed.”
Let There Be Light
“we had a lot of rain in the week leading up to their portrait session. they have a small creek in the backyard and a fresh soil delivery. lanne, are you up for some mud play? absolutely!”
Mud Play
“we offer our clients a wide range of ways to enjoy their images. this family session demonstrates this perfectly. in addition to wall art and gift prints they have wallpaper and coffee table books. please click through to see how we used the images from the mudplay session”
Collections and Products
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